Peace and Reconciliation Research and Training

CJP Sri Lanka

Understanding and peace among the people of other provinces, including the North and the East, are only a matter of chance. There is a huge gap between the races due to the war. Our CJP Sri Lanka was able to do this without difficulty. We were able to do this at no cost by the Justices of the Peace in Sri Lanka. This is a long term project and we continue to do this through our members. Good news is coming to us everyday.

Relevant quality Peace education helps Justices of the Peace (JP’s)  and Peace Activist people develop the skills and values that will help them grow into responsible citizens who contribute to building a more peaceful society. CJPSL works with many different aspects to promote peace for Sri Lanka’s Jp’s and youth.

Some of the key activities in this project include: – Peace Activist Training Programme, Justices of The Peace Skills Development Programme, Common Peace Workshops, Digital and Print Media Workshops and Community and Police Friendly Base Programmes.