VAW (Violence Against Women) National Campaign

VAW is a countrywide Program in Sri Lanka aimed for attitudinal change against violence against women. It aspires to unite men and women into an organized mass movement to transform existing power relations in society. The idea of Roshan Shajahan ( Advisor of CJPSL) VAW is to break the silence, denial, shame and stigma surrounding the issue of domestic violence and other violence against women and bring it into the public domain, consciousness and accountability. The Program was initiated in 2014 as part of a CJPSL regional campaign with the objective to challenge and change deeply entrenched patriarchal societal attitudes and practices that endorse gender discrimination and violence. After completing its 6 (Six) years as a campaign; Council of Justices of the Peace of Sri Lanka is now an independent registered organization . Since 2012,  At present, 200 Educational Institutions, 150 Youth Clubs and 450 organizations are involved with VAW. VAW has mobilized more than 300,000+ (3 lakhs) of Change Makers so far (according to database).