We Can National Peace Project

Our project is based on the concept of WE CAN .We believe that our justices of the peace are capable of bringing about a permanent change in Sri Lankan society. Our justices of the peace are quite dedicated towards peace building in Sri Lanka and work as volunteers without expecting any remuneration.
We strongly believe that a peace building and awareness project of this nature is essential in a country such as Sri Lanka given that our country has suffered a series of setbacks due to the 30 year old civil war which could have easily been prevented .

The objectives of our project are inter alia are as follows
● To create awareness among the general public of Sri Lanka of the need to ensure
permanent peace in Sri Lanka
● To educate the public about the dangers of harbouring misconceptions about ethnicities
● To convince the public that there is no actual threat of violence from minority
● To convince the people of Sri Lanka that all citizens are equal and all share the same
rights and privileges as Sri Lankans irrespective of the various ethnicities they may belong to.
● To convince the people that there is no threat to the territorial integrity or sovereignty to
Sri Lanka from members of the minority community.
● To build permanent and lasting peace in Sri Lanka